Common trouble shooting

Q: I just bought my E.O. pen, and it won't turn on.
A: Try clicking the button 5 times rapidly. This will unlock and lock your pen.

Q: As soon as I hit the button, it blinks, and won't fire up my coil.
A: If the button blinks immediately, it means your E.O. needs to be charged!

Q: What kind of concentrates can I load in the coil?
A: Any Kind except Bubble Hash! From shatter, to honey oil! If you have a liquid concentrate, use our refillable cartridge!

Q: Can I put dry Herb into the coils?
A: We do not recommend this. All of our EO Duluxe kits come with a dry herb burner, it works much better!

Q: How much oil can I load into coil?
A: Overloading the coil, although sometimes convenient , will lead to clogging, and cleaning issues. We recommend starting with a small bit at first. The amount will also vary depending on the consistency of your concentrate.

Q: After a few seconds of drawing, my Battery blinks.
A: This is a function of our overload protector on the Battery It protects the coil from getting too hot. For a bigger hit, try letting off the button, and depressing it again during draw.

Q: What is the spinning knob on the bottom of the battery?
A: That is the voltage adjuster. Higher the volts, hotter the coil. We recommend to run it at 3.8v for normal use, but experiment with it and find your happy place.

Q: I noticed different styles of coils in my pack. What are the differences?
A: We currently offer 2 styles of coils. One is a fiber wick, with a titanium coil, and the other a ceramic post, with a titanium coil. We have found the fiber wick to offer more of a plume, where the ceramic wick highlights the flavor of your concentrate.

Q: Sometimes when I hit the EO pen, there is no airflow.
A:This unfortunately will happen from time to time. When the oil is warm, and then cools down, it can block an airflow hole. The immediate fix is to hold the button while LIGHTLY drawing. This should break it free! A long term fix, is to be careful not to overload!

Q: How long will my coil last?
A: Like most things, it will depend on how good you take care of it. People that use it all day, everyday, can get 2 weeks easy out of it. Our lighter users have reported coils lasting 2 months. 

Q: How do I clean my EO pen?
A: Cleaning, while easy, is crucial to the performance of your Pen. A simple q-tip, and some rubbing alcohol will be all you need. It is important to keep the contact on your Battery, as well as the contact on your collar clean at all times. Cleaning our glass attachments is as simple as soaking them in rubbing alcohol.

Q: Does EO offer a warranty?
A: You Bet! We are proud of our product, and stand behind it! A (ONE) year warranty is offered for the battery, and the charging unit. If you have issues, bring it back to your local EO retailer, or contact us. 

Q: Are my coils under warranty?
A: Anything right out of the box that doesn't work, including coils, are under warranty. Unfortunately, any coil, or glass globe that has been used, will not be covered under warranty.


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