EO Deluxe Vape Kit

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Deluxe Vape Kit $89

EO Deluxe Vaporizer Kit

Details on EO Deluxe Vape Kit

Best in class, Lithium Vision Spinner "V2" vape battery at 900mah. This vaporizer battery's big advantage is its ability to turn the vape temperature up or down as much or as little as you want, superior fine-tuning than other variable voltage vape batteries on the market. Using vaporizers with herbs and concentrate oils demands an ability to adjust temperatures to your individual liking. Recent upgrades offer embossed finish, thicker base, triangular L.E.D. lit firing button, with different color lights to indicate remaining power level.

Deluxe Vaporizer Kit Features:

  • Vision Spinner 2, 900mah.
  • Lasts for 4-6 days on heavy use, much longer for casual use vaping.
  • Adjustable voltage for a variety of different herbs and oil concentrates.
  • L.E.D. indicator on battery button shows charge amount
  • Dual Ceramic and Dual Fiber Atomizer burners included to choose preference.
  • Dry Herb attachment, compatible for use with our vape pen water bubblers.
  • Lanyard, charger and durable vaporizer carrying case.
Deluxe Vape Pen Ki with Lanyard and Case

EO Vape Pen

Designed for both beginners and seasoned smokers of waxes and shatter, the EO Vape Pen features and adjustable flavor & intensity dial, L.E.D. battery indicator, and a tempered glass vessel.

Vision Spinner V2 900mah Battery

EO Battery

Highest rated Vision Spinner "V2" battery on the market. Lithium 900mah battery is designed to run up to a full week without charge. Testing on our end has shown heavy use of 25+ uses a day will last around 4-5 days on a fully charged battery.

The EO Element

Standard in the Deluxe EO Kit, one dual titanium wrapped ceramic burner "The Party Bowl" for larger loads, and one dual titanium wrapped silica burner for great pluming. Choose what you like best. Click here for replacement parts.

Dry Herb Vaporizer Atomizers & Burners

Dry Herb Element

Expansion to dry herbs vaporization. EO lets you vape your favorite herbs, anywhere, anytime. Some users use this tool for concentrates and have great success. Compatible with bubbler attachments. Click here for replacement parts.

Eo Vaporizer Protection Case

Protective Case

Plenty of room for storage and zippered for easy entry. This case is the perfect way to organize and protect your investment when on the go.

Vape Lanyard

EO Vape Pen Lanyard

Never lose your pen again. Our lanyard insures that your EO Vape Pen is never out of reach. Tuck it under you shirt for easy stealth hits.

USB Vaporizer Charger

USB and Wall Charger

USB charger & wall adapter give you plenty of options to keep your pen powered up and ready to go. LED light indicates power charging when full.

EO Deluxe Vape Kit

EO Vaporizer Pen -Premium Vape Products
Deluxe Vape Kit $89

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