Mini Vaporizer Kit

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Mini Vape Kit $49

EO Mini Vaporizer Kit

Details on EO Mini Vape Kit

Entry level concentrate vaporizer with the solid reputation and warranty of Egreen Oils. Featuring a Vision Spinner battery at 650mah, enough juice to get you through a few days of hard use vaping, and our featured "flavor & intensity dial" for adjusting temperatures to your preferred preference in vaping. Compatible with dry herb attachments and bubblers sold separately.

Mini Vaporizer Kit Features:

  • Highest rated battery on the market, Vision Spinner technology, Lithium Ion, 600mah. lasts for 2-4 days of heavy use.
  • Compatible with all EO glass water bubblers
  • Adjustable voltage for a variety of different herbs and concentrates.
  • Ceramic / titanium burner atomizer
  • USB charger and metal carrying case.
  • Silicone Puck to hold concentrate.

EO Battery

Our Lithium 600mah battery is designed to run up to a half week without charge. Adjustable Voltage for better flavors or bigger hits. Testing on our end has shown heavy use of 25+ uses a day will last around 2-4 days on a fully charged battery.

Glass Globe and Buner

Tempered Glass Globe

Ideal for beginners, the tempered glass top allows you to visualize small hits and help regulate your intake. Press the button and watch the vapors swirl as the chamber fills. Everyone loves to show off the EO's power through the looking glass.
Replacement Heads are available here.

USB Vaporizer Charger

USB and Wall Charger

USB charger and 120 volt wall adapter give you plenty of options to keep your pen powered up and ready to go. LED light indicates power charging and when full.

EO Silicone Pucks for Wax and Shatter

Silicone Pucks for sticky concentrates

The perfect container for your sticky concentrates. No mess and a solid lid construction with three seals for extra protection and durability.

EO Vaporizer Pen -Premium Vape Products
One Pen to Rule Them All
Mini Vape Kit $49

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