SLEEK 2 Terpene Pen


The EO Sleek 2 Terpene Pen offers more features than most any other compact lithium ion button draw cartridge battery on the market.

What makes this button draw vape battery so special?
A couple key reasons… Charge indication and a huge range of temperature adjustment to take advantage of today’s trends in low tempTerpenes.

1. Battery Charge level indication does not existing in the market for these types of cheap batteries. It’s nice to know how much charge you have left before leaving for that special occasion, night out, concert, etc. Vape batteries running out of juice is like your party running out of Alcohol. BIG Buzzkill. It works just like a stop light on the button. When you click it, it lights up Green for good power, then turns Yellow after dropping below 50%, then turns Red when it’s at its last 1%. (Tip: always charge it when it gets in the Yellow zone before letting get Red, your battery will last longer.)

2. Lower Temperature Adjustments. Most button draw pens on the market have a terrible interface of using 3 clicks on the button to change temps from 3.3 to 3.75 to 4.0 volts. But none of our stoner friends can remember what color means what when being social. So with the Sleek 2, we put a spinner dial on the base to take the temps all the way down to 2.0 volts for your most sensitive users and all the way up to 4.0 volts for the big hits. Spinner dials are usually only seen on more expensive models and limited to a 3.2 to 4.8 volt range which is far to hot for most cartridges.
Today’s cartridge users are trending toward lower temp vaping for bester flavors. Sleek 2 gives you the best features of today’s pens in an affordable and compact solution. 

For the techie specs… 

  • EO 400mAh Battery
  • Preheat Mode (2 click)
  • Adjustable Voltage: 2.0V – 4.0V
  • L.E.D. button charge indication
  • Fits all 510 Thread
  • USB Smart Charger
  • Smart Charge Preserves Battery Cells
  • Warranty DOES NOT apply to EO battery at fault from use of NON EO CHARGER.
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